Faculty/Staff RCR

RCR Workshop, attended by several people sitting at tables together
The Duke Faculty and Staff RCR Program strengthens our foundation in research integrity and ethics and requires all faculty and staff engaged in research to participate in ongoing Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) courses.

The ongoing RCR education requirement for faculty and staff is to complete one online, self-directed course (RCR 100) every three years and one collaborative (RCR 200) course every three years.

Online Self-Directed; Complete ONE every 3 years
Online Self-Directed Complete ONE every 3 years 
Collaborative In-Person; Complete ONE every 3 years
Collaborative In-Person Complete ONE every 3 years







When a faculty or staff member first joins the Duke research community, the initial RCR education requirement is to complete either one RCR 100 course OR one RCR 200 course within 90 days of joining.  

Completion of the first RCR course starts the three-year window for recurring education, such that the second and recurring RCR courses may be completed at any time throughout the subsequent three years.  Faculty and staff engaged in research will receive automated emails reminders when their RCR course due-dates approach, and may check their RCR education progress at any time through the RCR training tracker app or through the "my Portfolio" or "myTraining" widgets in myRESEARCHhome.