Online-100 Level

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Complete One Online Self-Directed RCR Course every 3 years

Online Self-Directed RCR Courses are designed to ensure that all faculty and staff engaged in research have a sound understanding of the principle components of research integrity and that we are all using a common language to approach these complex topics including, but not limited to research reproducibility, research misconduct, data management, conflicts of interest and unconscious bias.  These courses can be accessed online and completed over multiple sessions. One course must be completed every three years.

 Available Online Self-Directed RCR courses:

  • CITI RCR Courses: Instructions to sign in through "Duke RCR"and select the right course for you are HERE.

    • Faculty - Responsible Conduct of Research (ID: 199262) - appropriate for all Duke Faculty researchers
    • Staff - Responsible Conduct of Research (ID: 199263) - appropriate for all Duke Staff researchers
    • Humanities and Social Sciences RCR - Faculty (ID: 255203)
    • Humanities and Social Sciences RCR – Staff (ID: 255204)
  • Data Management RCR 
  • Research Communications RCR 
  • RCR for Clinical Researchers