Collaborative-200 Level

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Complete One Collaborative In-Person RCR Program every 3 years


Collaborative RCR-200  courses are designed to engage our community in open, in person or virtual discussions about RCR topics.

There are 2 options for receiving RCR-200 credit.
For event organizers, please see the form at the end of the page to submit your event for RCR-200 accreditation.


1) Attend a Duke RCR Workshop

The RCR workshop calendar provides a list of all of the workshops organized by ASIST and other Duke offices on campus that will count for RCR-200 credit.  Look for an event that covers an RCR topic that is interesting to you

RCR-200 credit for attending a Duke RCR workshop will be granted through attendance collection on the day of the event


2) Participate in an RCR discussion with your research unit

Visit the RCR Toolbox for resources, guidelines, and information on how to facilitate and lead a small RCR discussion with your research team.

RCR-200 credit for participating in a unit-led RCR discussion will be granted when attendees fill out the online Self-Attest form.​