Rigor Rapids board game

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In collaboration with the Office of Biomedical Graduate Education, and with funding from the NIH T32 supplement 3T32-GM007184-44S1, ASIST developed an educational boardgame about rigor and reproducibility for biomedical researchers.


What is Rigor RapidsTM ?
The board game is designed to be an interactive educational experience where biomedical graduate students work together in small teams to discuss important principles of rigorous experimental design, analysis, and methods.  There are three types of questions and not all questions have defined answers, promoting discussion on concepts and potential responses among team members.   Additionally, there are questions where both teams contribute to the discussion and everyone advances on the board game, promoting collaboration and team-work.

Graduate students playing Rigor Rapids board game

Interested in playing Rigor Rapids?
ASIST has 20 sets of Rigor Rapids board games available to loan out to Duke students and research groups (can serve groups as large as 120 persons).  Email asist@duke.edu if you are interested in using this board game at an upcoming event.