Data Management RCR

RCR-Data Management and Quality

The RCR Data Management and Quality online course was written to be inclusive of the biomedical sciences, social sciences, and physical sciences.  The content is presented with interactive graphics, text-based activities, short videos, and discipline specific scenarios.  It was developed by Epigeum, Oxford University Press in collaboration with academic institutions. 

The RCR Data Management and Quality course includes 3 modules:

            1) Research Quality and Reproducibility

            2) Data Management

            3) Data and Resource Sharing

June 29, 2020: Duke Learning Management System has identified an issue with the latest version of the Chrome browser (ver 83),it is not moving online courses to completion. Please use FireFox or Safari  to complete this course. The LMS team is working with course developers to implement a solution.

  • Total estimated time to complete: approximately 1.5-3 hr
  • To receive RCR-100 level credit, you must open each of the three modules and achieve at least 80% on each of the 3 accompanying assessments (one for each module).  You will have unlimited attempts to take each post-module assessment. 
  • The course is housed within the Duke LMS, once you register for the course using the link above, the first module will launch automatically, and then you can navigate to the other modules through the LMS course.

**Please use Chrome, Safari, or Firefox to access these modules, viewing the content in Internet Explorer will NOT work**

If you are interested in the content and format of this online course, there are other modules from this same series on Research Quality and Reproducibility that are available for wider use across Duke.