The DOSI website is in the process of being migrated to either myRESEARCHpath or the Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation website, depending on the content. We apologize in advance for any disruption this transition may cause.

We're pleased to announce that the 100-level RCR content has already been migrated and is now available on myRESEARCHpath! Please come visit us at our new location: 100-level RCR training for Duke faculty and staff engaged in research. Don't forget to update your bookmarks accordingly. We anticipate the DOSI website will be retired and no longer accessible in fall 2023 once all content has been moved.

Duke has a few different organizational affiliations with CITI, be sure to login through "Duke RCR" to access Duke's online RCR options.  Within the "Duke RCR" organization, please select the course that is appropriate for you based on your role at Duke and your area of research. Total estimated time to complete: approximately 1.5-3 hr. In order to receive credit, you must achieve 80% or higher on each of the required module quizzes. You will have the opportunity to re-take the quizzes and review the material as many times as necessary to achieve 80% or higher.   

  1. Faculty - Responsible Conduct of Research (ID: 199262) - appropriate for all Duke Faculty researchers
  2. Staff - Responsible Conduct of Research (ID: 199263) - appropriate for all Duke Staff researchers
  3. Humanities and Social Sciences RCR - Faculty (ID: 255203)
  4. Humanities and Social Sciences RCR – Staff (ID: 255204)

 Download this guide for detailed login instructions to add Duke RCR CITI course (summarized below)

If you do not have a Duke CITI account follow all steps below. If you do have a Duke CITI account, after step 1, jump to step #5.

  1. Go to the CITI Program webpage and click REGISTER (click LOGIN if you do have a Duke CITI account).
  2. Type “Duke RCR (SSO)” in the text box below.
  3. Check the box underneath the text box “I AGREE to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for accessing CITI Program materials.”
  4. Check the second box that popped up when you checked the previous one: “I affirm that I am an affiliate of Duke RCR.”
  5. Click the “Continue to SSO Login/Instructions” blue button. You will be directed to the Duke netID login page.
  6. Click “View Courses” next to “Duke RCR”
  7. Click “Add a Course”
  8. Answer Question 1 to select the right course
  9. Complete the entire course and quizzes
  10. Have you reached a score 80% or higher on all quizzes? If so, Congratulations. Your credit will be processed in up to 15 days.