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1) I am new to Duke. When do I need to complete my first RCR Course?
New faculty and staff engaged in research and starting employment at Duke are required to complete one RCR course (100 level OR 200 level) within 90 days of joining Duke. 

2) Who is required to participate in the Faculty and Staff RCR program? 
All Duke faculty and staff engaged in research (i.e., they Design, Conduct, or Report on research projects) are required to participate in the Faculty and Staff RCR Program.  Other populations at Duke, such as undergraduate and graduate students are REQUIRED to participate in different RCR programs specifically developed for them. 

3) What is my RCR training requirement? 
The requirements outlined on this website apply to all Duke faculty and staff engaged in research.  Required persons must complete one online self-directed RCR100 course every 3 years and one collaborative in-person RCR200 course every 3 years.

4) Who should I contact with Questions about the RCR program options? 
Contact asist@duke.edu with general questions about the Duke Faculty and Staff RCR program.  Visit the main RCR homepage for updated links and information about RCR education options at Duke.

5) How will RCR credit be registered for the Duke RCR CITI online course?  
Upon completion of either the Faculty or Staff RCR Duke CITI course (i.e. an individual has achieved an 80% score or higher for each of the required module quizzes), RCR credit will be automatically transferred from CITI to Duke on a monthly basis and no additional individual attestation of program completion is required for the Duke Faculty/Staff RCR Program. 

6) How will RCR credit be registered for RCR Workshops? 
It depends on who is organizing the workshop. Attendance of an RCR workshop hosted by ASIST will be documented with an ID badge scanner.  The ID-badge scanner report will be used to automatically grant RCR credit to individuals who attended the full workshop.  Attendance at a workshop on an RCR topic led by other Duke offices may be collected by the organizer and automatically transferred to the RCR training tracker app or in some instances, may be documented by completing an online self-attestation form.  

7) How will RCR credit be registered for unit-led RCR discussions? 
To receive RCR credit for participation in a unit-led discussion, all participants must complete an online self-attestation form.  This online documentation form will be used to automatically transfer RCR credit to individuals on a monthly basis.

8) I took an RCR Course in Spring 2018 during the Phase I implementation, which RCR course should I take next?

RCR requirement flow chart 20191009_3.png

The 3 year window begins from the day a trainee completed any of the RCR trainings last Spring (or will complete this Fall). 

  • The CITI RCR course or RCR self-assessment competency test qualifies as Online RCR 100 Courses.

  • The In Person RCR workshop at Trent or prior RCR training at Duke qualifies as In Person RCR 200 Courses.

The following example provides additional detail on how the RCR requirement due dates are calculated:

I went to the In person RCR Workshop on May 25, 2018 (RCR 200). I need to complete a second In Person RCR training by May 25, 2021 (RCR 200).  I also need to complete One Online (RCR 100) training by May 25, 2021.  Ideally, I would complete my online training sometime sooner- say April 1, 2019, but I will not be delinquent until the three year anniversary of when I completed my first RCR Course: May 25, 2021.  If I complete my Online (RCR 100) training on April 1, 2019, then I will have until April 1, 2022 to complete my second Online RCR 100 online training requirement.

Faculty and staff engaged in research are required to take ONE Online RCR 100 session every three years AND ONE In Person RCR 200 session every 3 years.  The RCR 100 and 200 level courses will be tracked separately in a central RCR tracking system and faculty and staff will receive annual training status updates and automatic reminders before each training is due.