LabArchives Classroom Edition: Free Access for Duke Faculty, Students and Staff through July 31

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LabArchives is providing all Duke faculty, students and staff free access to LabArchives Classroom edition, through July 31, 2020. This means that you can set up new courses, access an extensive library of lab course materials through the “Lab Builder” notebook, and interact with students as they progress through the lessons in their online notebooks.

LabArchives Classroom edition also includes easy-to-use course management tools, including grading, assignment creator, integrations with Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle, lab manual publishing, etc.

Visit the Duke Office of Scientific Integrity LabArchives webpage to learn more about the LabArchives Classroom edition. You can join LabArchives live demos of the Classroom edition, hosted three days a week.

Virtual support remains in place for LabArchives Professional edition, electronic research notebook, from LabArchives and the DOSI-ASIST team. Contact with any questions about LabArchives ERN or the Classroom edition.

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Learn more about the LabArchives classroom edition

Sign up to join live demos on LabArchives classroom edition

Learn more about LabArchives professional edition notebook

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