Integrity Insights

  • About 200 faculty and staff attended the research town hall, International Research at Duke: Overcoming Challenges and Finding Success

"Dear DOSI": Questions from the Audience of our Research Town Halls

At the Research Town Hall Caring for Your Data, Dr.

Data management is a topic of high interest for the Duke research community.

"Dear DOSI": Questions from the Audience of our Research Town Halls

Before and after each of our monthly town-halls, ASIST collects questions and topics of interests from the audience. Through the rubric “Dear DOSI”, we offer the research community an opportunity to have their questions answered by trusted experts.

The most recent Town Hall on Plagiarism and Intellectual Credit organized by ASIST and the Duke Office of Scientific Integrity was attended by about 190 members of the Duke community. The event is part of a monthly series intended to serve as a public space for interactive discussion, meant to contribute to a cultural shift where research integrity is fostered at all levels and in all aspects of research.

To ensure that the audience is well served, the town halls are designed based on pre-event surveys collecting audience topics of interest.

When Donna Kessler, Misconduct Review Officer at Duke, reported the incidence of plagiarism found in national studies of research misconduct, gasps were heard from the audience of our most recent R

A referee uses a whistle to ensure that the ‘rules of the game’ are being followed.