Quality Management Programs

The Clinical Quality Management Program (CQMP) was established to develop and implement a comprehensive, standardized, prospective clinical research monitoring program including quality assurance and quality control measures. The program focuses on helping departmental clinical research units develop CQM Plans for all consenting and prospective studies that are not externally or independently monitored and that do not have ongoing approved monitoring plans.

The Research Quality Management Program (RQMP) is at the center of Duke’s commitment to Research Quality, Scientific Integrity and Accountability across the research enterprise. Each school/department, center or institute will designate a Research Quality Team (RQT), comprised of a Research Quality Officer (faculty research/data lead) and a Lead Research Administrator (administrative lead).  The RQT will be accountable to DOSI and the Office of Research Administration with regard to implementation and communication of best practices for data quality, research integrity and accountability within their unit.