Research Quality Management Program

The Research Quality Management Program (RQMP) was developed to innovate and implement best practices for Research Quality, Scientific Integrity and Accountability across Duke University. The primary aim is to implement a Research Quality Management Program (RQMP) within each department, center, institute and school/college. Each unit-level Research Quality Team (RQT) will be comprised of a Research Quality Officer (RQO) and a Lead Research Administrator.

Please reach out to if you are are interested in participating in the program.

Schools of Medicine and Nursing
SoM and SoN Research Quality Team Directory

Milestones for Year 2 "Group B" of the Research Quality Management Program (RQMP)
Submit Updated Operation Plan - Due 03/31/21
Confirm Inventory of "House Staff" - Due 03/31/21
Promote SOuRCe Survey Completion by Faculty/Staff - Due 03/31/21**
Organize Internal RCR-200 Training Event - Due 06/30/21
Promote MRH/MRP and Organize Demo - Due 06/30/21
RQO and LRA Complete and attest to Research Integrity Training - Due 06/30/21

Recording of Year 2 Group B Roundtable (starts at 2:50)

**Note: That SOuRCe Survey will occur between mid-February to early March 2021


Milestones for Year 2 "Group A" of the Research Quality Management Program (RQMP)
SCAP Maintenance Plan - Due 10/30/20
Upload Survey Participant List or contact RQMP for a consult - Due 10/30/20
Describe Escalation Plan - Due 11/30/20
Ensure all sub-units respond to Data Management Survey - Due 12/18/20
Submit Updated Operation Plan - Due 03/31/21

Recording of Year 2 Kickoff Roundtable*

*Please note that the recording references the Escalation Path Milestone original due date 10/30/20, which has been extended to 11/30/20*

Please reach out to with any questions on these milestones.

Guidance Documents:
*Please note that the School of Medicine is primarily referenced in these documents. New reference documents with more inclusive language will be created as additional Schools and Colleges join the program*

Year 2 Group B Roundtable Slides (Summary of Year 2 Group B Milestones)

Year 2 Milestones Group B- Detailed Handout (Coming Soon)

Year 2 Kickoff Roundtable Slides (Summary of Year 2 Group A Milestones)

Year 2 Milestones Group A - Detailed Handout (docx download)

Research Quality Plan guidance PDF (Summary of RQMP Town Hall (Feb 11, 2020) and associated FAQs)

Research Quality Management Program Proposal

Research Quality Plan Worksheet (download for fillable PDF)

Research Quality Management Program Year 1 Operational Plan Global Feedback

DOSI is also hosting weekly RQMP Office Hours for additional support:​​​​​​​​​​​

Contact for additional consultation